Why Buy New /

Everything old

is still old.

Why buy new? Great question! There is no shortage of good reasons to choose a new-built home rather than an older home. Many of these reasons are obvious, like an old furnace, old roof and no ghosts. But some of the most important benefits of buying new are not so obvious.


Energy efficient.

Brandl Anderson newly built homes are built tighter and therefore use less energy to heat and cool the home. This saves money, but it also saves and helps protect natural resources. So whether you’re a financialist, environmentalist or both, you come out ahead.


Protection from Murphy and his stupid laws.

Brandl Anderson new homes come with a 1-year/2-year/10-year warranty. Not only does this provide peace of mind, but it also means you’ll have more time to play, because you’re spending less time repairing your home. Plus, if you think an older home doesn’t cost you more to live in, you’re wrong. Housing experts suggest that used homes cost between 1 percent and 3 percent of market value per year to maintain.


Built for you.

The best part of a new Brandl Anderson home is that it’s your home, built for the way you live. Starting with the floor plan, to products and colors, you don’t have to settle for someone else’s taste. It’s all yours. You can even choose where your new home is built, so your yard fits your needs. Front walk to back garden, every detail is up to you.


A home for your app store.

Brandl Anderson builds homes for today’s families – and that means a heavy dose of technology. We provide ample outlets as well as the increased amp service that’s required to accommodate computers, microwaves and large-screen TVs.

Back in the day, the standard home was built with only one outlet per wall and inadequate amp service to meet today’s demands. See how well that works with a household full of tablets, smartphones, video games, TVs, laptops, desktops and more, all vying for the same outlet and power.


No more living in 1950.

Modern day families live differently than those of the ‘50s. A new built Brandl Anderson home reflects this change in lifestyle by offering open floor plans that flow with your lifestyle. You won’t find oversized family rooms, media niches and state-of-the-art kitchens in an older home, but you will with Brandl Anderson.