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A home that could inspire

Mother Nature to move indoors.

There is an undeniably tight correlation between how a home is built and how it impacts the environment. From the materials used in construction to the appliances that will consume power well into the future, a healthier planet depends on a smarter, energy-efficient home. What’s more (and for some buyers, what’s better) is that a smarter home also saves you a lot of bucks in energy bills.

For these reasons and many more, Brandl Anderson is proud to be a listed Green Path builder. Minnesota’s Green Path is an energy and green building program for the residential construction industry. Launched by the Builders Association of the Twin Cities (BATC) in late 2011, Minnesota’s Green Path provides builders with a realistic approach to building energy-efficient and sustainable, “green” homes.

For new homes, Green Path evaluates on three components. For even more information, we invite you to visit


Energy Tested.

The first level of Minnesota’s Green Path is Energy Tested. These homes have been tested and rated by a third party, independent RESNET Rater. Each receives an attractive Green Path HPR with the HERS and ACH50 (air exchange index) test results.


Advanced Certified.

This green certification means a home has met energy testing standards, plus includes additional green features. Specifically, an Advanced Certified Green Path Home must test with a HERS score of no more than 55 and earn at least five total points in Energy Efficiency, five points in Indoor Environmental Quality, five points from the remaining three areas of green construction (water conservation, resource management or site/development) and five elective points from any category. The lower the HERS score, the better.